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Lansky – Full Interview

INTERVIEWER:         Marcia Meldrum DATE:                        November 15, 2012 MARCIA MELDRUM:  Good afternoon, Dr. Lansky. MELVIN LANSKY:     Good afternoon to you. MM:     Could you introduce yourself for the camera, please? ML:      Yes.  I am Dr. Melvin Lansky.  I am a physician, a psychiatrist, a psychoanalyst and a teacher of psychiatry, but especially of psychoanalysis, here in Los […]

Lansky – Reflection

Leo wants it integrated.  The phrase total composite theory is very serious.  We have to reexamine what’s new, and we have to really examine the body of knowledge, but we’re always ready to add, and if there’s a good reason, we’ll replace, but not otherwise.  So sort of add, don’t necessarily replace.  If you had […]

Blum – Full Interview

INTERVIEWER:         Marcia Meldrum DATE:                         September 10, 2012 MM:     Good morning, Dr. Blum. HB:      Good morning. MM:     Well, we’re very happy to be here in your lovely home this morning and if you could just me. to start out with, a little bit about your own background – where you went to school and why you […]

Blum – Reflection

Leo’s contributions are in the area of psychoanalytic theory, in the area of psychoanalytic technique, in clinical psychoanalysis, and in what we call applied psychoanalysis, [where] psychoanalysis is applied to the humanities or to fields that are on the border of psychoanalysis, but are not strictly psychoanalytic.  Contributions to theory – I would say that […]