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The Scope of Intrapsychic Conflict: Microscopic and Macroscopic Considerations

“Since we must arbitrarily select a starting point, let us start with a hypothetical state of psychic equilibrium, with a person at ease, content, at rest, not particularly ‘bothered’ by anything.  He is well defended and averagely satisfled with how adapted he is at that moment,  (Such states are, to be sure, most often transitional and not too long-lasting in daily waking life.)….This existing equilibrium, between the psychic structures as well as at the other levels, is impinged upon by a precipitating factor.  This may be either from an external stimulus (influx) or from within, somatic or psychic.  The latter may come from any one of various possible directions, for example, from an increase in intrasystemic instinctual tension, or a relaxation of a defensive ego anticathexis…”

PDF: Rangell-063r-1963.pdf